About The Journal

The PHS is a democratically structured organization. Its office bearers and members of the Executive Committee are elected for a three years’ term. The present term expires in 2018.

PHS offers membership to all persons. The annual membership is Pak Rs. 500/- and life membership is Rs. 5000/-. Persons outside Pakistan have to pay U.S.$ 1000/- to become life members. All the members receive journal free of cost and all publications of the Society at 50% discount.

The Society was formed to promote historical research by means of publication of research monographs, editing and publishing of original sources and their authentic translations. For this purpose a good reference library was developed. Since 1953 it started publishing a quarterly research journal now known as the Historicus. It is in the 65th year of its existence with regular publication and has become an international forum on history, particularly of South Asia. It is internationally recognized, indexed and abstracted. The HEC has also recognized it.

The Society has so far published so far 88 books in English, Urdu and Persian. Some of them are:

  • Four volumes of the History of Freedom Movement, The Islamic thought and Movement
  • The First War of Independence 1857, Khafi Khan’s History of Alamgir
  • Road to Pakistan vol. I (712-1858)
  • Atharus Sanadid
  • Tadhkirah-i Johar Aftabchi
  • Tabaqat Ibn Sa’d (Two volumes)
  • Kewal Ram’s Tadhkirat al-Umara’ (Two volumes)
  • Life and Prophet Muhammad (SAW) etc
  • At present two books are ready for the press:
  • Tabaqat Ibn Sa’d (Vol III)
  • Tadhkirat al-Umara’ (Vol III)