About Us


The Colonial masters, later followed by the chauvinistic Hindu writers and historians tried to present the Muslim period in the darkest possible colours. Since the time of the All India Muhammadan Educational Conference led by Sir Syed and his colleagues tried their utmost to negate and rectify these distortions. When Pakistan came into being the pioneer fathers felt the urgent need to present a revised correct version of our history. Keeping this in view, all the leading historians of Pakistan led by Mr. Fazlur Rahman, the Federal Educational Minster, at first created a History Board to prepare a History of Freedom Movement in 1949-50. Soon it was realized that it requires better organization not only for this History of Freedom Movement but also for other periods of History. Hence the History Board was converted into the Pakistan Historical Society (PHS) in 1950 which was properly registered. The first president of PHS was Mr. Fazlur Rahman while Dr. S. Moinul Haq was the General Secretary.

Core Members

  • President:Mr. Fazlur Rhaman
  • Vice Presidents:Dr. I.H. Qureshi Dr. A.B.A. Haleem
  • Treaurar:Mr. Syed Muhammad Arsalan
  • General Secretary &
    Director of Research: Dr. S. Moinul Haq
  • Joint Secretary:Mirza Ali Azhar Barlas

Members of the Executive Committee

  • Mr. M.B. Ahmad
  • Maulvi Shamsuddin Ahmad
  • Maulana Muhammad Akram Khan
  • Mr. Yusuf Abbas Hashmi
  • Mr. F.A. Karim
  • Mr. Qamruddin Khan
  • Dr. A. Halim

TMr. Fazlur Rahman, unfortunately died in an accident, in 1966 and Dr. I.H. Qureshi was elected as the President. He continued to hold this post upto 1976 when due to some official pressure he became inactive.

Shaheed Hakim Mohammed Said, who by that time had become one of the Vice Presidents, was persuaded to shoulder the responsibility as the President. Till his tragic assassination in 1998 he provided guidance and patronage. Even when the Federal Government stopped the meagre grant, he through Hamdard Foundation Pakistan came to the help of the Society. Eventually the library and the office of the PHS was also transferred to the Bait al-Hikmah for better maintenance. He also raised the financial grant or donation and took over the printing and distribution of its quarterly journal now renamed as the Historicus. Since 1998 the Hamdard Foundation Pakistan under the inspiring leadership of his daughter, Mrs. Sadia Rashid, is providing patronage and support to the Society.

During this period (1950-1989), Dr. S. Moinul Haq, the founder General Secretary, with single devotion nurtured PHS into a well respected leading academic organization for historical studies.

The present office bearers are:

  • President:Mrs. Sadia Rashid
  • Vice Presidents: Prof. Mrs. Mumtaz Moin
    (w/o late Dr. S. Moinul Haq)
    Prof. Sharif al Mujahid
  • Treaurar:Dr. Navaidul Zafar
  • General Secretary &
    Director of Research: Prof. Dr. Ansar Zahid Khan
  • Joint Secretary:Prof. Dr. Javed Husain