About the Journal



The Pakistan Historical Society (PHS)(Estd. 1950) is a democratically structured organization. Its office bearers and members of the Executive Committee are elected for a three years’ term

The Society promotes historical research by means of publication of research monographs, editing and publishing of original sources and their authentic translations. For this purpose it has a good reference library. Since 1953 it started publishing a quarterly research journal, now known as the Historicus. It is in the 68th year of its existence with regular publication without a single break and has become a recognized and well established international forum on history, particularly of South Asia. It is an internationally recognized, indexed and abstracted journal. This peer and blind refereed journal is available on line through the ProQuest Research Organization.

The HEC has also recognized it and recently it has been upgraded by the HEC from “Y” category to “X” category.

The Society has so far published 88 books in English, Urdu and Persian.

Another field of the Society for promoting historical studies, exchange of ideas, promoting interactions among the historians and to attract younger generation to History, was conceived through holding History Conferences. The first conference was held in 1950 in K.G.A Hall, Karachi which was inaugurated by the Governor General Khawaja Nazimuddin. So far 26 international History Conferences have been held under the banner of the Society in Karachi and other cities of Pakistan. These conferences were held with strong support and collaboration by Hamdard Foundation Pakistan and relevant universities.

Pakistan Historical Society is endeavoring to coordinate, organize and disseminate high level academic research pertinent to history of South Asia, especially Sub-Continent and the Muslim World and in sha Allah its magnificent academic voyage would be continued.