Ghulam Rasool Building –A Case of Neglect of British Period Architectural Legacy- On Mall Road, Lahore


  • Ayesha Mehmood Malik, Farah Jamil


Lahore is a city that grasps time through capturing and conserving intelligent human development in standing structures. The diversity of Lahore culture is rich and so is its architectural heritage but unfortunately some of this historic treasure has suffered in terms of its functionality. Due to the community’s dis-interest, its historical value and original purpose is lost. This paper is an effort to identify one such neglected monument Ghulam Rasool Building, which is still a stunning example of glorious colonial architecture named after Haji Ghulam Rasool Tarar. Ghulam Rasool building constructed in 1916, was a landmark mostly because of the tenants “Ferozsons”, International Sports were the originally known attraction of the Ghulam Rasool Building. The surrounding buildings are also marvelous examples of great colonial architecture. As these buildings belong to the British period there is a dire need of proper conservation policies for such heritage structures specially located on Mall Road so there they could be restored to their previous splendour. This paper discusses the architectural significance of the Ghulam Rasool Building with regard to the protection of important structures. It has been neglected over a period of time due to private ownership. The study reveals that this structure is in a condition that needs to be considered for protection and there is an urgent need to formulate an appropriate adaptive revival plan for this structure. A proper rehabilitation plan should be proposed for it, under the guidelines of conservation and preservation.




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