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The spread of Corona Virus has brought about Globalization with a vengeance. From time to time epidemics even pandemics like plaguethe Black Death- have broken out but while their fatalities were far more numerous than in the current crisis, their locale was more contained. In this age of jet travel and economic migration, social distancing, the only preventive measure prescribed has become incapable of application. Mr. Steve Jobs showed the image of the Corona Virus as the next threat to mankind, a full five years ago in 2015, but the warning was not heeded. This means that the identification of a peril is not sufficient, its dissemination is equally important if mankind is to benefit. The upshot is, that since January, the greater part of the world is experiencing lockout as a step to ensure safety. The inhabitants there might now be able to empathize with the Kashmiris under Indian occupation; who have been enduring a lockout since August 2019 with the Corona Virus locked in, not out.




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