Obituary Professor Sharif Al Mujahid


  • Muhammad Reza Kazimi


Academically Professor Sharif Al Mujahid who died on 27 January 2020 was first known as a journalist. He helped set up the Department of Journalism in the University of Karachi. The basic unit of Islamic History and its basic constructs were the Khabar monographs which were later included and preserved in larger compendiums. Thus his discipline Journalism contributed to his excellence and authenticity as a Historian. He could easily make the transition from Journalism to History, and was Professor and Head of the Department when he was appointed founding Director of the Quaid-i-Azam Academy in 1977, following the Quaid-i-Azam Centenary in December 1976. The world recognized his eminence when he contributed a paper “Jinnah and the Congress” to D.A. Low (ed.) Congress and the Raj: Facets of the Indian Struggle 1917-1947, London, Heinemann, 1977, because they were reading him inadvertently




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