Obituary Professor M. Rafique Afzal


  • Muhammad Reza Kazim


I recall vividly, how during the All-India Muslim League Centenary, Islamabad, 2006, both Professor Sharif Al Mujahid and Dr. M. Rafique Afzal had come together in my room and how I could partake of their feast of reason. It is with great sadness that I reflect that I am left alone, academically, with only a few to guide me.. I first came to know Dr. Muhammad Rafique Afzal through his edited volume Speeches and Statements of Quaid-i-Millat Liaquat Ali Khan 1941-1951, Lahore, Research Society of Pakistan /University of the Punjab, 1967. The topic of my doctoral dissertation had been the role of Liaquat Ali Khan in the freedom movement and I had stated that the information he had gathered in his Introduction to this volume, exceeded the knowledge I had been able to gather through many volumes of Urdu language works.




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