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The Covid-19 pandemic is not an interruption of history, it marks a new age. It seems derived from H. G. Wells also a historian from whose dystopian novel War of The Worlds it seems derived. The Martians with their advanced weaponry overwhelm the inhabitants of the earth, but after their conquest they are laid waste by diseases stalking the earth. It is also a lesson in Determinism. One specific forewarning we mentioned in our previous editorial, but there are others. According to Foreign Affairs May 31, 2020, Michael T. Osterholm had issued a warning about an impending pandemic in 2005. Another notice is the following: “In the next global pandemic which experts agree is a question of when, not if” (TIME February 13, 2017, page 21). It seems that the course of history precludes our leaders from paying heed to such clear warnings, that when it comes to pass, they are unable to cope with it.




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