A Comparative Study of Domes of Contemporary Jami‘ Mosques and Mughul Historical Mosques of Lahore




A Jamia mosque has been a major landmark in any Muslim settlement since ages and one of the most important institutions of the Muslim world. A dome, with its typical shape, has been a significant architectural element of a mosque from early times. However scientific, technological and industrial developments gave birth to new structural forms and shapes. Thus there are numerous new possibilities for the shape and form in place of a typical dome. It is being observed that the contemporary features and styles of domes of Lahore are different from the historic mosques of the Mughul era in terms of form, construction methodology, structure support system, materials and interior finishes. Thus objective of the current paper is to compare the architectural features and styles of domes in the Mughul historical mosques with those of the contemporary mosques built in newly established housing colonies in the same city. The objective is focus on evaluation of the changes in stylistic features of the new domes and also on the identification of factors responsible for new developments and contemporary trends in the domes of Lahore. In order to assess, a comparative analysis with the domes of Mughul historical mosques and domes of contemporary mosques from different locations of Lahore is done. The results are derived that some elements are used continuously in domes of Lahore throughout the history, but changes in trends are also observed. The conclusions are drawn and recommendations are formulated for future development. The study concluded that the architectural features and styles of domes constructed in contemporary mosques are different due to the change in materials, technological development and also due to lack of traditional skilled labor and time




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USMAN MUHAMMAD BUKSH, & UMER MAHBOOB MALIK. (2021). A Comparative Study of Domes of Contemporary Jami‘ Mosques and Mughul Historical Mosques of Lahore. Quarterly Journal of the Pakistan Historical Society, 68(2). Retrieved from http://phs.com.pk/index.php/phs/article/view/62