British Administration of the Punjab: Police and the Disturbances of 1919




The disturbances of 1919 are considered to be a landmark in the course of political agitation in the Punjab. Though they are primarily famous because of the massacre at the JallianwalaBaghin Amritsar, many other districts of the province experienced similar fracases and like Amritsar, they were also curbed to reinstate the government control. The works written on this topic rely mostly upon the role of the military in handling the situation. The aim of the present study is to observe these disturbances in the light of the services provided by the Punjab Police and the methods that it utilized to reinstate civil administration.The policeused force in the form of lathi charges and firearms to control the running and attacking mobs. It made investigations and arrested the offenders of the law during and after the disorders. It also served its purpose by saving the lives and properties of the public but had to rely upon military assistance as well to restore order where it suffered from shortage in number. There were instances as well when the police did not respond to the call for emergency and many people were killed and buildings were burnt down. The Punjab Police also became notorious for shooting and killing the unarmed demonstrators. It was further questioned and criticized for turning to illegal means in dealing with the offenders of the state.




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